s12 e3: Wanted Down Under Revisited S12E03

Underwood: In 2015, singer Victoria Underwood longed to move her young family to Australia so she could live on the same continent as the older sister she idolised. When Emma had emigrated eight years previously, Victoria had been utterly devastated, and the pain of living on opposite sides of the world hadn’t eased with time. Husband Rob, however, had serious reservations about turning his back on their life in the UK – especially as it would mean breaking close ties with his 18-year-old son Billy, who was living in London. An entertainer too, Rob also feared a move would mean an end to the regular gigs he and his wife had built up in Grimsby. A trial week in the Gold Coast gave the couple their first taste of what Australian living would be like for them and their two young children. Three years later, have the Underwoods been able to settle their differences and make a life together down under, or are they still in the UK?

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