s3 e1: The Worst Witch 2017 S03E01

Secret Society: Welcome to the third season, which starts off with Mildred and her friends looking very snazzy and dancing in one of the classrooms. Miss Drill walks in and doesn’t stop them (she thinks it’s as neat as the rest of us do) but then Miss Hardbroom shows up and tells everybody off. Meanwhile, Miss Bat has been replaced by Miss Crochet, the new chanting teacher, with some sort of weird musical device that she can’t play properly. It sounds like a squashed bagpipe. Miss Drill, by now, comes to Miss Cackle, complaining that Miss Hardbroom has “”gone too far”” this time. She wants to leave and go work at the adventure center with her BOYFRIEND Serge. Miss Hardbroom, on the other hand, complains to Miss Cackle that “”Mildred and Friends”” need to be “”squashed”” before they get out of hand. Miss Cackle suggests making them members of the Cauldron Club, of which Miss Hardbroom is honorary lifetime president. Miss Hardbroom balks at the idea, but promises to discuss it with the current head Cauldronit

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