s2 e8: The Great Interior Design Challenge S02E08

Port Sunlight: It’s the penultimate heat and three new designers battle it out for a place in the second round. The amateur designers are working in pretty workers’ cottages on a Dutch-influenced crescent in the model village Port Sunlight. They have £1,000, three days and the help of a builder to transform a master bedroom each. Mehul from London draws on his heritage and love of all things industrial to answer his brief for a restful scheme. Mum-of-one Kelly’s best-laid plans are in danger of going awry when her homeowners’ new bed doesn’t fit in with her plans. Hairdresser Louise from Northumberland wants to use her favourite paint effects to answer her brief, even though her homeowner isn’t sure. Architectural historian Tom Dyckhoff delves into the history of the model village of Port Sunlight, where each block was designed by a different architect. Judges Sophie and Daniel decide who has the design potential to go through to the next round.

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