s2 e5: The Great Interior Design Challenge S02E05

Fishermen’s Cottages: It’s the fifth of nine heats and three new designers battle it out for a place in the second round and the chance to win The Great Interior Design Challenge. This time the programme has travelled to the scenic fishing village of Brixham, Devon, where the three amateur designers have the task of transforming a bedroom each for three sisters who live in a row of terraced fishermen’s cottages. With only three days, £1,000 and the help of a builder, they must deliver rooms befitting the picturesque setting. Civil service manager Martin must be clever with his design because his room acts as both a guest bedroom and artist’s studio. Ex-marketing manager Becky hopes her daring scheme will give her bedroom the touch of glamour her client has asked for, but will it be too much? While librarian Lacey hopes her Cote D’Azur-themed room wins her a place in the next round – even with her lack of hands-on experience. Architectural Historian Tom Dyckhoff discovers the history of the cottages and fishing village, while judges Sophie and Daniel must decide which designer has done enough to win a place in the next round.

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