s1 e1: Temptation Island S01E01

Paradise Beckons: In the premiere episode of new reailty show, four unamrried couples arrive in Belize, Temptation island where they will through challenges decide about the future of their relationships. Through the competition they have been leaded by a host Mark L. Walberg. The girls and boys split up in different places: girls in Mata Chica and boys in Captain Morgan’s Retreat (CMR). Next day, in the morning, the couples reunite and meet Mark who introduces them the singles that will compete between them. With a chance to send one of the singles that they think that they are most “”threatened”” by home, girls send Yvonne home and boys send Ace home. Also, they get a chance to block one single boy/girl away from their partner. On the same day, the couples reunite again at mata Chica for their last evening, where emotions explode.

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