s3 e12: State Plate S03E12

Idaho: Taylor heads to water-rich Idaho and its 100,000 miles of rivers and streams. The adventure begins on a fish farm, where Taylor discovers America’s finest caviar and savors an appetizer of these “black pearls” on a blini with sour cream. Next, he helps harvest The Gem State’s most famous export, the potato, and digs into a comforting side dish of a russet baked spud with all the toppings. Then it’s a little bite of Heaven with a Basque heritage, chicken croquetas, crispy and fried to perfection. For his entrée, Taylor saddles up to relocate some cattle to fresh grass, and then settles down to the locally loved Black Angus finger steaks. Finally, dessert is deceptively delicious: the Idaho ice cream potato, topped with cocoa and whipped cream. What’s better than bling in The Gem State? Food! Lots of food! Appetizer: Caviar Blinis Entrée: Finger Steaks Side 1: Baked Potato Side 2: Croquetas Dessert: Ice Cream Potato

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