s1 e1: Enterprice S01E01

Hoops ‘n’ Dreams: It is a big day for Kazim and Jeremiah – their fledgling delivery business, Speedi-Kazz, has won the opportunity to pitch for £20,000 in front of some of London’s most successful entrepreneurs. But what is the best approach – slick and professional or cool and calm? Either way, Kaz doesn’t think they should be begging for money. There are plenty of distractions before they get there – Kitty, the annoying ex-model turned vegan pop-up proprietor who has made it on daddy’s money, a group of singers insisting Kazim buys a ticket to their show, and a couple of kids who just want to finish their game of basketball. Most ominously, there are Jeremiah’s parents, both of whom seem to know nothing about Speedi-Kazz and think their son is about to go into his third year studying medicine at university. When is Jeremiah going to tell his parents the truth?

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