s1 e2: Dirty Vegan S01E02

Episode 2: Dirty Sanchez daredevil frontman Mathew Pritchard is an ultra-athlete, chef, and a passionate vegan to boot. He loves nothing more than proper, tasty, delicious vegan food. Now, he is on a mission to prove that a vegan diet can make you fitter, stronger, and healthier and to show us all that his favourite food isn’t all boring and bland. In fact, he wants to show us all that it can stand up to, and even better, any non-vegan meal. He’s taking on the anti-vegans, one dish and one challenge at a time as he meets groups of fellow Welsh food fans who all have very different dietary requirements. This time, he’s in for a treat. He’s on a challenge to hit the gold standard of baking as he creates a table of cakes for the Glamorgan federation of the Women’s Institute. For Matt, this is a Great Welsh Vegan Bake Off like no other as he bakes to impress and convince not only the WI judges, but an expectant crowd of cake-lovers at the annual Gower agricultural show. He hopes to show that vegan cakes can be as tasty, sweet and creamy as their non-vegan alternatives. But will Matt’s cakes uphold the impeccable reputation of the WI bakers? With that kind of pressure, there’s no room for soggy bottom!

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