s2 e13: Britain In Bloom S02E13

Episode 13: Chris Bavin travels to Llandudno, named by Victorians as ‘The Queen of the Welsh Resorts’, to meet the experienced Bloom team determined to keep their seaside town thriving and win another gold award this year. Firstly, Haulfre Gardens, a terraced park on the hill overlooking the town, will be transformed into a stunning community vineyard. However, the delicate vines will need protection from not only coastal storms but the local marauding goats that are particularly partial to tender new plants. Secondly, the award-winning primary school introduces innovative schemes to teach their pupils about the environment. The school’s Eco Club will be keeping bees, reptiles and chickens and planting up the school grounds to encourage the bees along with selling honey and eggs to raise money. Finally, volunteers have taken over from the council to keep the flowers looking beautiful and create two brand new herbaceous beds at the local park after austerity cuts hit the community. These projects are the most ambitious they have ever undertaken but the Bloomers feel the pride of the town is at stake, so the pressure is on to win gold again.

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